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Crystal MerKaBa    Stone & Crystal Healing Tools    Crystal MerKaBa

Stones and Crystals are powerful Tools and reliable friends from the Mineral Consciousness.
They have been the first planetary beings - before there was plants and nice atmosphere.
As they are growing over thousands and millions of years, they are timeless...
keeping the Memory of Ages.
But even thought they are so incredibly old and therefore expected to live "slow", they vibrate
at very high frequencies - which enables them to communicate (resonate) with all other life-forms.
They bring us ancient Light and Wisdom - and ~ radiating Love & Light ~
they also receive, store and transmit "up to date" Information.

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Due to their highly geometric structure, each Crystal and Mineral vibrates in precise frequency-bands,
and therefore has specific abilities, powers and functions within the Healing process.

Healing Crystals - Quality counts !

They assist us in Healing, in deep Relaxation and Balancing of our Body-Mind-System,
  in Connecting to the Spiritual (Astral/Mental) Planes and in Grounding.
They can provide Inspiration, deep Insights during clearer Meditations and support on etheric Journeys.
Some of them improve all our senses, channels and abilities of Communication - with Humans, Plants,
Animals and Minerals, with Beings & Spirits from different Dimensions - because they allow us
to tune in deeply, precisely into every frequency.


Earth's "frozen" Light - that is what Crystals really are, yet much more.
We firmly believe that these beings took their time to grow and gather wisdom,
in order to assist Humanity now, during the transformation and the Shift to
5th-dimensional consciousness.
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Magnificent Szepter Smokey Elestial Quarz
If you are searching for some
unique, special, rare Crystal Tool
Clear Rutilated Crystal Sphere
just send a request to:
Visit PureLifeTools
We might have them.

If not, we will find them !
Majestic Watermelon - TourmalineMajestic Watermelon - Tourmaline
In most cases we can find what you need,
and we will do our best to choose the right one for you.

With the experience of over 35 years in Crystal hunting & trade,
we are specialized on all-natural, untreated & unpolished

☆ Bi-Terminator -   ☆Szepter -   ☆Phantom -
☆ Elestial -   ☆ Lemurian -   ☆ Enhydro -
☆ Archive -   ☆ Library -   ☆ Window -   ☆ Shaman DOW -

Natural. Pure. Vibrant.

! Shipping  Crystal Shipment  World-Wide !

EarthLight 2011

Here are some examples of our Stone & Crystal Artwork...

Mayan Sunwheel Amulet

More recent Designs will be added soon !

ANKH from Silver - The Key of Life

2011 Mexican & Mayan Style Edition <|>

  -  Land of Teotihuacanos,
Aztecs, Toltecs, Olmecs, Zapotecs ... and more...
- Earth Origin of Obsidian, precious Opals, Amethyst-Quartz, Jade, Herkimer-Diamonds, Amber ...

  'Fairy Star'  (Green Jade from Guatemala)
Fairy Star  a 'Fairy Star' she truly is ~ the new owner

'Copan Warrior'   (Obsidian + Turquoise)                             'Tikal Spirit' (Manto Huichol Obsidian)
Copan Warrior NL      'Tikal Spirit' Manto Huichol Flywings - NL
'Atitlan' Jade (Guatemala)   Yafit ... creating a new design ...   Looking Glass Crystal Star
Green Jade Necklace "Mexico"                                                                            Clear Fluorite Star                       

Mexican Jade    ~ sold ~ to this happy Traveller at the ExternStones  
                                                                                                     "Elfenspiegel"  Green (Rainbow-) Obsidian (Teotihuacan)

'7 Elves Green Star'  &  '8 Elves Green Star'                             (Black Obsidian from Teotihuacan)   
'7 Elves' Obsidian Green Star   '8 Elves' Black Obsidian Green Star NL

Here some of our handmade Bracelets...

Grounding Light' : Opal + Jade (from Mexico)
Grounded Light Opal+Jade Power Bracelet   Grounded Light Opal+Jade Power BL

    'Power-Ray' Citrin - Bracelet     'Power-Ray' Citrin - Bracelet   Brilliant Clear 'Herkimer Diamond' (Quarz) in Silver
  'Power-Ray' Citrin - Bracelets                                           
Precious Bracelets... 
Precious Bracelets...  Precious Bracelets...
Violet Jade + Herkimer Bracelet  'Old Kingdom' Chrysocoll - Bracelet

Star Earrings...   Star Earrings...  Purity Earrings...

  'Sun & Moon' TigerEye Tricolor NL   'Ring of Power' Shivaseeds + Lapislazuli NL   
         'Sun & Moon' TigerEye Tricolor      
'Ring of Power' (Shivaseeds + Lapislazuli)         

magical Carnelian...        magical Cornelian NL
an incredibly painted Carnelian from Madagaskar - 100% natural !

Wire-wrap with a Quarz-BiTerminator & raw Larimar         Aquamarine Earrings     
"The Shark" Crystal   rough, untreated Larimar in Silver   Aquamarine-Family's (Himalaya)

Each Stone and Crystal is unique - and so is our Artwork.
We produce most of them while being in nature,
in peaceful & harmonic environment, often in energetic Power Places (Earth Chakra's).

More than 100 Crystals are charged & activating this Harmonic Grid

All Jewelry, Stones & Crystals are initially purified, dedicated
and then regularily cleansed & charged.
Smudging with White Sage

If you love rare Crystals, high-Quality Stones and our Artwork

and you want to purchase some, simply send a request to:

Visit PureLifeTools
The Craftworks presented here already have their owner.
But if you wish, we can make a similar one for you -
or design personal Jewelry according to your field & wishes.
Just ask

Amazing Jewelry for sale Right Now:
Pure Life Tools

and here... some more Impressions from "out there" ...

The Crystal-shaped Stall in Action

Welcome to Earth's Wise Elders...

a Variety of beautiful Tools & Treasures...

Medieval Christmas Market 2011

Esoterika-Evolution 2012 Prague

These are truly special + rare Crystal Tools.
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Crystal Delight

SummerStyle - Stall

High-Power Crystal Tools

See you soon... somwhere on this Earth ,')
See You soon ... somewhere on this beautiful Earth !!
See you Soon !
Pure Life Tools

~ Assistance for Your Journey on Earth ~