The Great Pyramid
~ Are You Ready ? ~

This is how your spaceship may look like...

You sure know what to do. Yet, assisting you to fulfill your purpose
and the deep wish for wisdom & spiritual growth, here are
fine Links for Orientation, Preparation
and Action:

Updates 2017 coming soon !!

Hathorian planetary messages:
"The Dissolution of the old... birthing a new World"

Riding through the Winds of Change
Earth's Magnetic field

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Enlightenment Channel >*<

Video: Kundalini Awakening
The Chakras ~ Energy ~ Awakening

The Disclosure Project
a project working to disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial
 Intelligence, classified advanced energy / propulsion systems, ...

Cosmic Harmony

Places of Unity:

Oneness - University
Deeksha - Oneness Blessing
Oneness Temple, Golden City, India :

Auroville - India

Damanhur - North Italy

Mission Unity Humankind
Ekta Mānwatā Dhey :  Universal Alliance of superior Love

Global Action:

Global Orgasm Day
December 21st

Rainbow Gatherings World-wide

BareWitness - Peace demonstrations


I am Avatar

An Empowered Path to Soul Liberation

Global Peace & Freedom:

Global Consciousness & Global Action NOW

International Campaign for Tibet

Human Rights Action Center

U S   C a m p a i g n   f o r   B u r m a


Personal Assistance:

Pure Life Travel Agency

Pure Life Travel Agency

PhysicaL - Biological Preparation:

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OTM  Mission Statement