Loving Intelligence Foundation Earth
~ Arousing Light Project for Times of Transformation ~


Since Ancient times, most Cultures and Tribes celebrate specific group rituals to invoke - and anchor -
certain powerful energies in their bodies and on the Earth plane, to call for god or higher beings, or - through
guidance of a shaman or priest - to purify themselves; to expel demons, astral beings and other manipulating forces.
According to Culture and Tradition, the accompanying concepts, methods and goals vary, but commonly being used was
the timeless knowledge about the fortifying, multiplying synergism of group energies, which can - with common focus -
far exceed the sum of individual energies.

Scientific background:

The first scientifical comprehension of these phenomenon has been demonstrated by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake,
with his theory of the morphogenetic field, derivated from Quantum physics and observations in Biology:
the focus and orientation of consciousness towards an object, an event or simply on silence / nothingness
creates powerful blueprinting fields, that can change events or even matter, affect biological functions and health,
transfer information to other conscious beings ("100-monkeys-phenomenon") and influence living beings as well as machines.
Acribic scientific research has been accomplished by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,  in order to bridge the metaphysical & scientific world.

~ · ~

The  C r y s t a l   C i r c l e   functions as a morphogenetic lens and intensifying force field,
serves to focus our energies towards our common intention - Divine will - and to channel
Vibrations of Earth, Sun, Stars... and Information from higher Dimensions -
acessed as we enter deep coherent states of consciousness.

~ · ~
Recent Development:

Building on this knowledge, we initiated the first Crystal Circle in February 2006 in our recently founded
"Teepee Divine" in Berlin, as a spark of light and healing which proved to be swiftly astonishing in its effects.
We continued, circeling in further Spaces in Berlin, following the waving rhytm of the Mayan Dreamspell Timefield.
In May 2007 we startet crystallizing our consciousness in a new local group, in the
"Soundspace of Silence" in Dresden.
We reached a unifying peak of global consciousness by joining the Fire The Grid - Project on 7/17/07.
On the 1st of May 2008 - "Global Ascension Day" - the 20th Crystal Circle in Dresden took place,
being the 1st GENESIS Crystal Circle - a Vision Circle to create new blueprints for the future.
Each Crystal Circle is 4 free or donation-based, to allow an unconditional flow of energy.

The Circles are continued. I personally left Dresden for a journey through Europe,
to learn and to expand my vision, to meet and connect with awakened beings,
to visit communities and to continue the work for Gaia and Humanity.

I found magical places to live in the Alpujarras in South Spain,
where is my present home & base between the journeys.

Feel free to contact or visit me - I am a embodied
living being, visible & walking on the ground.
For further information / support, contact

* * * * * * *
Vio d'Oro ~ wizardix@freenet.de

one of our local spaceships - Alpujarras, Spain 

~ * ~
~ Now is the Time ~

to continue, create, grow
and connect further Crystal Circles,
to manifest our Divine Will & Blueprint
in service of Love & Light, Humanity and Earth.

L . A . N . C . E .

Dear Dreamers within this Dream,
Servants & Masters of Light !

You are invited to be part of it. Now.
Take the chance. Dream Reality.

L.A.N.C.E. - Project, Phase III

The Crystal Circle is a Global Consciousness Project
initiated by the
L . A . N . C . E .

We are interlinking lightworkers to connect Projects, Interests and Abilities,
creating open spaces & opportunities for communication & exchange.
The Lance of Light is a symbol of point - focused consciousness,
which multiplies its force due to synchronized Energy fields.

We work for Global Healing and Transformation,
opening Cellular and Celestial Memory,
unfolding Talents and Potentials,
decoding our inner Blueprints,
activating dormant DNA.

We act as One

We form a free community of inspired beings,
serving Love & Light, Gaia & Ra & Supreme Spirit.
Based on Love, free will, respect for life and each other,
we connect and synchronize our Consciousness, our Knowledge
and our abilities for the common vision of Planetary Peace & Freedom.

*  ~  .*.  ~  *  ~  .*.  ~  *  ~  .*.  ~   *   ~  .*.  ~  *  ~  .*.  ~  *  ~  .*.  ~  *
We serve to anchor Divine Light on Earth, to create Communities and Islands of Light,
to activate terran Energy vortexes and Consciousness grids of higher frequencies,
 for the universal purpose of Awakening the Human Consciousness,
to ease the Solar-Planetary Transition into 5th Dimension.

~ · ~

The Consciousness of Humanity prepares now, at the
end of the Age of Pisces, Kali-Yuga and the Galactic Night,
for the collective Entry into the Golden Age, the Galactic Day,
into Cosmic Consciousness and the Galactic Star Federation.

~ · ~

The Time has come.
The Temples of Light are being anchored on Earth.
We call all that hear the call. All those who choose are chosen.
All beings who truly walk the path of Light, Love & Truth.
This is the Time of Re-Union, the Great Gathering.

It is the your decision, your free will.
Follow your heart, dear friend.
Welcome in 5D, Family !

~ · ~
Namasté ~ In lak'ech ~ Aum Shiva
~ · ~

L . A . N . C . E .