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Pure Life Travel Agency
~ Assistance for your journey on Earth ~

Vio d'Oro ~> Crystal Circle Europe

"Love is my Name, Light is my Purpose. Self-Realization, Truth, Wisdom, Happiness.
This time we make the Shift !  I began to remember - Open the Memory - in 2001 in Spain.
My journey continues, revealing the Magic of Life, ancient Memories, and my Highest Purpose.

My Mayan Dreamspell Sign is
White Crystal Wizard - Kin 194, enchanting the Universe...
as someOne is enchanting me ;) ... I am one of Seven, Brothers and Sisters, I am ready."
~ Namasté ~ In lak'ech. ~ Aum Shiva ~


I shall & love to offer You :

Sound Healing
( -> How it works )
Perfect Health is perfect Harmony.
In a Soundhealing session I work with Overtone-Singing, Instruments,
cosmic Tuning forks, Beej-(Core-)Mantras, maybe selected background music.

Egyptian Light Healing
* Transmissions of Healing light energy  (local or distant)
* Clarifying  energy fields (bodies, objects, rooms)
* Past Life ReSearch  + Blueprint Awakening
* and ya, Reading  Time  windows  . .  cool ? 

*Activate your Light Body ("  Wake up, DNA's !!  ")
* realize & integrate unresolved Childhood- /Past life- Issues
* Open Celestial Memories  & Your celestial Healing Channels

Stone & Crystal Healing
Crystals and Stones are wonderful, wise old friends from the Mineral Consciousness . . .  and powerful Tools.
Each Stone & Crystal radiates Energy + Information; leading to specific abilities + functions within the Healing process.
Working with them during a session, I follow
my  inner guidance, your body signals, and the Stones, if they speak to me.

And  here  you find some of our handcrafted  Healing Jewelry + Crystal Tools  >> all unique, yeah, and powerful !
( You're looking for a special Crystal, a rare Stone ?   Just contact me )

Physical Support & Energy :
Organic Green Food & Super - Nutrition  > US
Organische Grünpflanzen und Supernahrung  > EU


In short : Assistance in the Dreamfield
Spiritual Advice ... Vision Quest ... Aura-Body-Mind-Clearing ...
Reading Time Windows ... Past Life Research ... Trance Travel ...
Birthdate Analysis ... Awaken the Blueprint ... TimeWave-Surfing ...
Soundhealing ... Stone & Crystal Healing ... Physical Super-Food ...

I work for donation, but I do charge for time and material that I invest.
Listen to your Heart, and if it smiles now - then contact me here:


Shine On !

our True Friend and personal advisor ;)

How It Works:

Sound Healing
- Transformation through Vibration -
As known since ancient times ... Everything is Vibration  . . .
-> Movement of Energy in Time-Space-Consciousness.  
All forms of Light, Matter  and Energy are nothing else than patterns of vibration,
are more or less flexible 'Sound' structures,  interwoven into the complex Harmony of Existence.
There are more than single cells within your body, forming a huge Orchestra of individuals,
Your unique Symphony.  Who organizes them ?? Each one of them is connected - online - via wireless DNA.
When the cellular "musicians" are out of Order,  we can use harmonious Sounds to re-tune theSoundsystem.
Also known and proven, some good old folks like Mozart, Bach and Beethoven were genius master healers,
as well as - the currently incarnated -  Sound Healer
Tom Kenyon (more here)  I fully recommend him.

Perfect Health is Perfect Harmony.

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>>> Crystal Healing : Tools & Jewelry <<<
>>> Healing Properties of Crystals & Gemstones <<<

Martin ~> TNT  Truth Now Team
Canjun ~> Dreaming Masters of Time Vision Circle
Paul ~> DreamReality Team

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