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The Nature of  TIME

"Our planet is on a collision course with something that we, at our present state of knowledge, don’t have a word for. A black hole is simply a gravitationally massive object, so massive that no light can leave it. What I’m talking about is something like that, except that it isn’t so much gravitationally massive as temporally massive. We are soon to be sucked into the body of eternity.
My model points to 11:18 am, Greenwich Mean Time, December 21, 2012 AD."
"I submit to you and to the world for your examination and critiquing the fact that yes, the time wave with
it’s end point December 21, 2012, describes with as great an accuracy as I am able to discern
the actual vicissitudes of novelty and habit in history and natural history ... that’s the claim"
"We are on a collision course with an event for which there is barely language to describe.
I would like to suggest that what is happening on this planet is that time is actually speeding up. Our species is under the influence of a kind of strange attractor which is moving us through the temporal medium at an ever-accelerating rate.
This is a law of the universe, though not one recognized by science."      - Terence McKenna

Space - Time - Consciousness

[DEU] Das goldene Zeitalter beginnt
[DEU] Die Multidimensionalität der Zeit
[DEU] Die Illusion von Zeit und Wirklichkeit
[DEU] Chris Morton - Die Prophezeiung der 13 Kristallschädel.pdf

Terence MCKenna - Surfing the Fractal Wave at the End of History

The deeper significance of Global events
 in the transformational process of Earth and Humanity

Awaken to Reality - Take back Reality !

Shift happens !

Switch Earth Time-Zones - UTC, CST, WST, GMT & others

The last Cycle within this Baktun has begun - Peak 2012
On January 4, 2008, a reversed-polarity sunspot appeared — and this
the beginning of Solar Cycle 24 - with its unprecedented  Maximum in 2012.

       Winter Solstice 2012, at 11:11 Universal Time:   =  End of the Great Cycle (3113 BC .. 2012 AD)

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[  T I M E    C O D E S ]

The Mayan Long Count Calendar

Diagnosis 2012 Links
Calendar Converter  (
Mayan / Gregorian / Hebrew / ... )
Date-Research:   Mayan Loncount Calendar
(Mayan) Calender Converters Links

Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled 1// 3
The Mayan Calendar - Welcome to evolution 2012
The Mayan Calendar Comes North 02 - Ian Xel Lungold

Download Youtube-Videos: http://keepvid.com - play with: FLV-Player   http://applian.com/download/flv_player.php

Time is Art - Planet Art Nework > Tortuga.com


Second Creation - Garden Culture Communities

       Astrology, Channelings, Prophecies:
Astrologie Heute
The Rainbow Prophecies

Tom Kenyon - Hathor Channelings
> The Dissolution of the old ... birthing the new World   (08/09/30)
> Riding through the Winds of Change   (08/07/20)
> Earth's Magnetic Field   (08/03/24)
> Who are the Hathors ? <

 What's Up on Planet Earth? - Life in the Higher Realms
Articles on Personal & Planetary Transformation by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
Revelation 13
The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken
Life in the Universe (#1): Just on Earth, or Everywhere?

    Economy - The Crash :

[ Total Collapse : The Crash of World's Economy ]

[ Interesting Video : Money, created as Debt ]
Understanding some of the Basics of the current Capitalist System
( we could also call it : " a few principles through which the private financial systems became the most
powerful players on Earth - and how humans gave up their power and enslaved themselves though these principles " )

Lyndon La Rouche Political Action Commitee
+ Effective Action through true understanding >> Webcasts about real Economy & Politics +
Lyndon LaRouche Webcast 2009-01-22 : The Issue is Bankruptcy  >> Transcript

...more on : Time - Monitors

    Behind the Scenes :

C  h  e  m  t  r  a  i  l  s     o  f     D  e  a  t  h
What happens with the air we breathe ??!   NWO Global Sky Project: "The Shield"

Download Youtube-Videos: http://keepvid.com - play with: FLV-Player   http://applian.com/download/flv_player.php

       The Return of Planet X :

Nibiru (New astronomic name: 2000 CR105 ?)
the Home of Annunaki - the "Gods", Creators of Sumerian Culture -
has a ~3600 year-Orbit according to Sumerian scriptures

Nibiru - Planet of the Crossing
Are you Ready? 3 (Answers & Facts!)
XFacts.com - The Search for Planet X (Links)
Mark Hazlewood : Empirical evidence

Lloyd Pye : Who are the "Gods"?
Zecharia Sitchin - Celestial News
Andy Lloyd : Darkstar - Theory
Nibiru - What Science says/said

        Holmes - the Quest:
This scientifically unexplained Comet "Holmes" ... Photo-Gallery
(In 2007 suddenly 500.000 up to 1 Mio. Times brighter than ever!)

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