The Great Pyramid
~ Amenti Rama ~


July 6, 1999

Today we shall be introducing a new idea or concept--the existence of multiple "selves" all at the same time. If you were to look at reality from the perspective of the Oversoul, you would see all of your "lives" going on simultaneously. You would see that you had created them and you would have very little interest in what was happening to them because you created them WHOLE, i.e. containing everything they needed to complete the life "design" you intended for them. It is a little like the oak tree inside the acorn analogy.

When a "life" is created, it contains "codings" - very similar to computer programs and subprograms - that will unfold the life perfectly. These codings are contained in the DNA and the various parts of the cells and tissues that make up the body. They are only contained in the brain to the extent that they exist in the cells of the brain. The brain does not "think" or direct. It is merely a switching station that coordinates signals or information exchange between the many different parts of the body and interprets the data coming in from the sensory input mechanisms.
Each "life" is actually a projection of the Oversoul into a particular space/time environment. It is connected to the Oversoul by the "silver cord," a filament that directly connects the physical body to the Oversoul and which acts as a communication link between the Oversoul and the body or "life." The Oversoul exists outside of linear time, and so from its perspective, all of its projections are going on simultaneously. It is free to terminate a life, in which case it simply disconnects the silver cord, or create one, in which case it extends a silver cord into a developing fetus. Time is a vector quantity, associated with material reality. Since the Oversoul exists in non-material reality, it is outside of linear time.
Time is a way of defining location. For example if you say you were born in Baton Rouge, you must also say WHEN you were born, in order to precisely locate the event. You could understand this by imagining a street on which a parade was going to pass. The parade streams through that street at a particular time. If you were in that parade playing the drum, you could locate yourself by saying, "I will pass by the corner of Main and Oak Streets at precisely 11:11 a.m. on Tuesday, July 6, 1999." That way, not only could you place yourself within time, but so could any other event that needed to intersect with you, according to ITS plan for itself. Time not only keeps things from happening all at once, it also provides the necessary component for things to move or progress.
So, to return to the Oversoul, from outside of time (which is where the Oversoul resides), all of its projections are simultaneous. But from within time, each life is experienced as being separated across time. You speak of "past lives" and sometimes "future lives," but those are expressions of the experience of being bound by linear time. You can "remember" these other "lives" by accessing the information in the Oversoul. The Oversoul is the repository of all the personal memories, from all of the "lives" it creates. When it is appropriate, one of your subprograms kicks in and you "remember" something from these other "lives," to assist you in unfolding your "program" for the "life" you experience yourself as living.

There is no such thing as "re"-incarnation. There is only "incarnation." The Oversoul projects itself into a space/time locus and clothes the tip of that projection in a "body." It is like putting a finger in a bowl of pudding. The finger is part of you. The pudding represents the space/time environment into which you put your finger. The fingertip can feel the pudding. It can tell if it is warm or cold, soft, wet, dry, or firm. Just so with you. You are the sensory tip of a "finger" of your Oversoul, thrust into the "pudding" of your present space/time environment. You interact with your environment, which includes the presence of "fingers" from other Oversouls, each sensing and interacting with the same environment, but from their own perspective.

The experience of reality is totally SUBJECTIVE. There is no "objective" reality that everyone can agree upon, because each point of awareness has its own perspective, and sees things from a slightly different "angle." That is how the Creator gets to view Itself from all possible "angles" at once.

We are using the term Oversoul today, but in past messages we have referred to it as the soul, because that is a more familiar term to most of you. Each of these messages is building upon the ones that have gone before, in a spiral fashion. Each message builds upon the previous ones and lays the groundwork for the following ones. This is the way the Universe unfolds itself. The "soul" is actually like a bead on the silver cord, between the Oversoul and the "body" of the life. It is like a local supervisor and only has that one "life" to contend with. Its job is to closely monitor and interact with that "life" and to assist it in fulfilling its purpose in being. When the silver cord is withdrawn by the Oversoul, the soul is pulled back up into the Oversoul and merges into it. All of the experiences of the "life" flow up the silver cord during that life, so the soul does not contain anything other than its capacity to assist that life in fulfilling its purposes.

Now that all but one of the "lives" are being terminated, the Oversoul is "harvesting" its accumulated experience and preparing to make a quantum leap into another reality. Even Oversouls "graduate" and move up the evolutionary ladder, back to Source. In reality, Source IS everything all at once, but from the subjective perspective of any individuated portion of the Absolute, it has its awareness placed somewhere along the evolutionary flow that proceeds forth from Source (the Absolute) and back into Source, continuously, like an unending river or stream of consciousness that has no beginning or end.

However, sometimes--across very long periods of time as you know it--Source "blinks" or "swallows." You are approaching one such event. The Oversouls are individuated portions of Source, and they are all in direct communication with Source. You might liken them to the "fingers" of Source, as in our pudding example above. They are an intermediate step between "All There Is" and the individual "lives" being lived. (As we have said, there is only ONE LIFE being lived, through its many expressions. That is why we have been placing quotation marks around the word "life" or "lives." They are relative and subjective. Only the Absolute (Source) is absolute and objective. This will have significance later on, when we discuss holograms.)

Source is going to "blink" soon, and on the other side of the blink it will "see" a very different Creation. This is not provided for in any of the cosmologies you have available, which is why we are providing this information now--to help you understand what is about to happen and the magnitude of it. In virtually all cosmologies, you have made the assumption that life proceeds in cycles of symmetric or logarithmic shape. You assume that if it took so many billions of years to reach a certain evolutionary state, that it will take a similar amount of time to complete the "return" trip.

In the models of the "ages," you have two kinds: those in which the "ages" are of the same length (such as the Piscean Age or the Age of Aquarius), and those in which the "ages" have a logarithmic relationship to each other (such as in the "yugas" and the traditions that refer to very long "golden" ages, followed by shorter "silver" ages, followed by still shorter ages, until you get to the one you are experiencing now, the shortest and most difficult of all). Those systems propose that the next step after the shortest age is another "golden" age--from shortest age to longest age in one step, which is closer to what will be happening now.
However, there is a significant difference this time. In a message that was delivered through J. J. Hurtak some years ago, reference is made to the "respatialization of consciousness" following the Null Point (he called it the Gravity Null Zone). This is very accurate. The Creation is about to be entirely re-created. All the foci of consciousness will be "blinked off" for an immeasurable "moment." (Time will also cease, as there will be no material reality in that moment and time is a function of material reality; it is the "time" portion of space/time.) On the other side of the "blink," the "players" in the drama of Creation will find themselves standing on other "spots" on the "stage." It will be like closing your eyes and then reopening them, only to find that the scene you are looking at has changed drastically.

What this means is that all of the stuff of prediction is rendered null and void. All of the human prophets and seers have seen through the perspective of the present reality. There is no one that is or was in a physical body that can accurately predict what is about to happen or what one will experience after that "blink" has occurred. Each and every Oversoul will be affected in ways that even the Oversouls cannot anticipate. Their only task is to prepare themselves for the event by completing all of their "lives," harvesting all but one of the souls back into the Oversoul, and retaining one portion of exteriorized consciousness with which to "seed" the new Creation.

There will be many fewer players on the "stage" when the new drama unfolds. You who are reading this message will be among those who are there to experience it, but you will be much changed from your present form and identity. You are being prepared by your Oversoul and overseen by your soul for this event. We are doing our best to prepare you so that you will not be overwhelmed by the magnitude of what is happening and by the new sensations and awarenesses that have begun to enter your consciousness.

Many of you naturally have come to revere the great beings who have appeared on the world stage--the Christ, the Buddha, and others. Now YOU will become as they were. You have another job ahead, and in order to step into those "shoes" and fill them, you must step out of the ones you are wearing now.

This is the time of the harvest of the souls. Everyone who is in a body has a soul. This is the time of the great "summing up" of all of the "lives" lived. Depending on the "total," each Oversoul will come to its own conclusions about what it wishes to create next. There is no damnation, no "judgement" by a wrathful God. (It should really be spelled with a little "g," for the Absolute is the absolute, and "wrath" is a human projection onto the Absolute that is entirely misplaced. There HAVE been entities that have appeared as "gods" in their interaction with humankind on Earth, but that is another story for another time.) But here is where it gets interesting for you: you are the one "life" that will be retained to seed the new Creation. You have great adventures ahead of you, and you have begun your transformation into that being that you will experience yourself as being on the other side of the "blink." All is in hand. All is being prepared. You have suffered enough, beloveds. Soon you will be at the banquet, with all of your fellow Wanderers. You will have much fun in creating something entirely new.

Enjoy yourselves in these remaining days. Do not worry about the scare tactics of the various entities who have a different idea of how it will go. They will not be around in your reality on the other side of the "blink." Everything has its place in the Creation. You have yours; they have theirs. We are assisting in these matters to make sure that everyone gets to their own "right place." No longer will it be necessary for Earth to host such contention and division. She will be able to pursue her theme of "seeking harmony in diversity," but now it will be as it was originally intended - a diversity of forms and cultures, all of whom will be resonant with the new vibratory frequency that will characterize the New Earth, Terra. These contentious ones will have their own world in which to continue their battles with each other. They will not bother you anymore, and they will finally be free of you and your reminders of what they are not. Everyone will end up at home in the vibratory band that is most akin to his or her nature.

You - because you have read this far - are destined for Terra. If you were not, you would have left off reading these messages awhile back. They are coded transmissions, and you will only respond favorably to them if you carry the matching coding within you. You are small in number relative to the total population of Earth, less than 1/10 of 1%. But you are the seeds for the new garden, the new birth of Earth in her glorious time as Terra.
Happy journey! We shall speak to you again.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.