The Great Pyramid
~ Amenti Rama ~

The Matrix

is real.

it is not simply an exiting idea.


it is Illusion.

It is a complex interweaving web

of Holographic Energy

structured by Numbers, Geometry, Sound and Symbols

to create Experience

in 3-D Time and Space.

These Interconnected Codings

form the 9-Dimensional Language of Light

~ the Language of Creation ~

the fundamental structure within Everything that is.

They exist within You.

You Create

All the Time

All Your Experience

by projecting Your Truth

~ Holographic InFormation ~

on Your 4-dimensional Sphere

to perceive it as Reality.

By constantly interacting with other's Spheres

through Resonance and Flow and Process

You create Your World


Your Co-Creation

in an Infinite Field of Realities

of Soul's Experiences in Trillions of Spheres.

During Past Eons,

Humanity accepted collective standards

of perception, limited language and form.

A few illuminated beings

had created collective programs

based on a limited set of beliefs, degenerated languages,

lack of knowledge and fear

to gain personal power and to control others.


when all those control programs are crashing

because Divine Light

shines Truth through all beliefs and illusions

as Earth

~ the Heart within your Solar System ~

Enters a new stage of Evolution

by re-aligning with the Galactic Center

for a 2000-Year-Period called Galactic Day.

This is the New Dawn

of the coming Age of Light

the Golden Age of Harmony and Wisdom.

The Preparation

for the high frequencies in 5-D-Consciousness

requires Purification and Harmonization

on all levels of Existence.

Only Harmony

can exist in 5-D.


Humanity goes through Planetary Transformation,

Karma-Cleaning and accelerated Transmutation,

initiated by great Shifts in Consciousness

through the Infinite Power of Love.

Planetary Enlightenment.

The Great Jump.

In 2012

a Cosmic Portal will open

and take Earth to the next Level

of Existence and Evolution.

To enter this Portal

perfect balance is required.

All imbalances will destroy itself,

all mental barriers will be transcended.

Only Truth and Wisdom will pass the Gate

Pure Knowledge ~ carried by awakened beings

Transcended Experience of 76.800 Years.

In the Past

whenever Earth passed the end of these cycles,

whole civilizations had been destroyed,

Humanity had vanished from Earth,

except a few enlightened beings

who founded new civilizations.

This Time,

Humanity shall survive.

The Great Plan of Prime Creator God

states that Humanity is ready.

It is our goal and purpose

to bring as many to the other side as possible.