The Great Pyramid
~ Amenti Rama ~

A Hathor Planetary Message:
Transcend and Transform Your World

Through Tom Kenyon November 14, 2007

We wish to speak with you about a perilous passage in which you
now find yourselves. This shall extend throughout the rest of this
year, as well as into and through 2008.

Much of what we have said in our past communications has come true
and even more Earth changes, climatic alterations, geopolitical
destabilization and threats to the ecosystem will unfold in the
years to come. (Note: For those of you who are interested in these
predictions, you can read the Archives by going to

One of the probabilities that we spoke to in earlier
communications was a downturn of the US economy. We said this two
years ago and indicated that November of 2007 would be the most
likely last window where this would take place and, indeed, it is
unfolding as we had seen it. We wish to say to you, however, that
the situation is far worse than is currently realized, so you
would do well to prepare yourselves for difficult financial times.

But that is not the perilous passage of which we speak. We are,
rather, speaking to your emotional life, the life of your heart
and your spirit, for it is unquestionable that the unfolding
events of the next few years will emotionally strike those who
have sensitive hearts and who dream of a better world.

In our last communication we indicated that the continuation of
humanity (in some form) was now guaranteed. This (the survival of
human life on Earth) was not the case prior to the summer of 2007,
but through the efforts of many beings the scales have shifted.
This does not mean, unfortunately, that you can escape the
spiritual purification of your planet, nor the difficult
challenges that shall face your institutions, your cultural
presuppositions and your economies. All of these have been built
on shifting sand and the winds of the future are now upon you.

We would divide our comments into two areas: transcendence and
transformation. When the chaotic phase of re-creation begins --
which is the phase you now find yourselves in -- all structures
come into question. Destinies that have been calculated based upon
expected outcomes dissolve. It is a time of immense confusion and
the primal emotions of fear and hostility arise. There are several
forces at work in this and we wish to discuss them.

Part of this chaotic phase is the simple result of the shift from
one dimension of consciousness to another. As Earth and humanity
move from 4th dimensional consciousness to 5th dimensional
consciousness -- which is outside the constraints of time and
space as you collectively perceive them -- there is a tension
between the old world and the new world. You are right in the
midst of this.

As more and more people experience paradigm shifts driven by
sudden leaps in spiritual understanding, the old world is
undermined. The new world with its new cultural, political and
economic presuppositions has not yet blossomed, so you are in a
kind of no-person's land where the old views no longer work, but
the new views have not yet come into usable expression. So this is
one reason for the difficulties you are experiencing in this
dimensional shift.

But there is another more insidious element at play here as well.
There are vested interests that wish the old world of domination
and control to continue, and they are using every means at their
disposal to insure it.

The type of control we speak of is so pervasive and so much a part
of the fabric of your society that it is often overlooked -- which
is exactly what those who wish to control you work toward. There
is no one person or group of persons responsible for this type of
control. It comes from many directions and sources. It comes from
sources you might never suspect including religious, political and
economic institutions. But the attempts to control you do not end
here. Many of the manipulative elements in your world are also
coming from interdimensional and intergalactic interference.

But regardless of their source, the days, so to speak, for those
who are trying to control your destiny for their own selfish ends
are numbered. The shift from 4th dimensional consciousness to 5th
dimensional consciousness cannot be stopped any more than the dawn
of a new day can be avoided. The evolution of consciousness on
your Earth and of Earth, herself, is in the midst of a dynamic
shift and you are a vital part of it.

However, we wish you to understand that the transition from your
current 4th dimensional reality to the 5th dimension (and higher)
is not going to be an easy one. Due to the inherent chaos that
occurs during a dimensional shift and due to interference with
your world from terrestrial powers, as well as from
interdimensional and intergalactic intelligences, the transition
will be much more difficult.

This is not to say that you cannot lessen the negative events in
your future by actions you undertake. But it does mean that a
graceful collective transition to higher dimensions is probably

We have always avoided sharing information that is alarmist in
nature, but we also need to be direct and honest in our assessment.

As we have indicated, the rest of this year and through 2008 will
mark both an intensification of the dimensional shift and an
increase of planetary manipulation and control. This parallel
event -- the shifting upward into the preludes of 5th dimensional
reality (the foyer of higher planetary consciousness to use a
metaphor) and worldwide attempts to control and contain the human
spirit will be paired off in a virtual and real tug of war. Indeed
this war for the human spirit has already begun.

There is not much that one single person can do to mitigate
humanity's collective destiny. But by stepping out of the
collective mind control and manipulation that is hypnotizing the
world at large, you have the possibility of affecting your own
destiny in distinct ways.

In order for you to do this, you must find a way to transcend your
own limitations, and by this we mean the limitations of your
thinking, which have been imposed by your institutions, your
governments, and your religions. You must find ways to transcend
the messages of fear and terror projected into human consciousness
by the events that are unfolding before you and by the
manipulators of these events who are unseen. If you are to survive
this period, you must transcend what is happening, or seeming to
happen, around you. You must find your own spiritual center.

There are no magic ways to do this. Each of you has several
pathways that will lead you to the still-point of your own
consciousness, to the realization of your own divinity; and from
that place you can more easily detach yourself from the events
that unfold around you. You will have learned to transcend the
world. One of your great spiritual teachers once said, "Be in the
world, but not of the world." This is very good advice in the
coming times which are now upon you.

But it is not enough to simply detach your self and transcend the
world. You must also transform the world, and we speak not here of
the greater world, for that is beyond your ability to affect. We
mean the world right around you, your local community of friends,
loved ones, and the earth that is actually beneath your feet. This
is the world that we speak of, and this is the world you must
transform even as the greater world seems to deteriorate and fall
apart all around you. This shall take a great degree of spiritual
mastery. We are not saying that it is or will be easy, but we are
saying it is absolutely imperative that you transcend and
transform your world, both together -- simultaneously -- in order
to pass through the eye of the needle.

And so when you find yourself disheartened at the state of the
world, our advice to you is to transcend this self-indulgence, to
transcend the manipulation and sense of isolation that is being
projected upon you, to transcend the group mind form. This is
tricky business because you must find your own path into the joy
of your heart, even in the midst of suffering that may be around
you. There will be times in the coming years when spiritually
sensitive individuals will feel the desire to give up. This is the
time to re-inspire yourself, and how you do this is up to you, but
we do have a few suggestions.

Turn your attention away from yourself and your own problems to
the world around you, to the earth underneath your feet, to your
local community, to your friends, to the strangers who live around
you, to your loved ones. Discover what you can do to make that
world in which you live a better place. These things are very
simple actually. It could be a smile, a comforting word, offering
a space for a car making a turn in front of you; it could be
offering food to someone who is hungry; it can be turning off your
television mind control device, and playing with your children or
your pets. It could be planting a tree. The list of opportunities
to affect the world that is right around you is endless, and then
you will find yourself re-connecting to your local community, even
as the forces that would manipulate the world try to destroy it.

Do understand that there is power in simplicity, which is why our
messages usually deal with simple basics. As always, we suggest
you cultivate the Holon of Balance as a highly effective way to
deal with energetic instabilities as they arise. For a detailed
information on how to create the Holon of Balance, go to:

We also encourage you to live consciously in appreciation or
gratitude, for the subtle harmonics created by these emotional
states will act as protectors for you, and lift you up even if
the world takes a downward spiral.

Seize the moments of your life, even if your culture and your
economies go through difficult times. Find the space within your
self to detach and transcend what appears to be happening around
you. Then you will, perhaps, have a most interesting experience.
You will see the cosmic joke, and the entire affair on your planet
will appear to you as both an interesting and amusing transition
into higher consciousness.

This sense of amusement is, however, only seen, of course, from
the vantage point of 5th dimensional consciousness and higher. It
is not always easy to see the innate humor of situations as they
arise in a dualistic universe — especially when you are locked
into it. This is why we encourage you to transcend your world --
the world as you believe it to be -- and to enter into a higher
octave of awareness. A new universe brimming with possibilities
awaits you.

The Hathors
November 14, 2007
Budapest, Hungary

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