The Information presented in this Website
may not reflect your current state of personal development,
may not fit into your comfortable concepts of reality,
may appear to you even like spiritual fantasy.

However, you can rest assured,
that it will not damage your brain,
that instead, you can learn something,
and that it can enable you ~ if you want ~
to transcend your determined belief - systems,
and to grow beyond what you've ever known and lived.

We all live in our own „world“, our personal reality-tunnel
which is more or less determined by collective consciousness,
personal experiences, limited models of and beliefs about reality.

You know, there is plenty of illusions and mindtrips in society:
common beliefs, rules, ideals, religions, scientific models, mental programs etc. ...
fears, taboos, traditional borders, "normal behaviour" patterns, forbidden experiences etc. ...
which are indeed very unseful to control, manipulate, and subconsciously enslave Spiritual Beings,

especially during their lifetime in Human Bodies.
However, you have the right to free yourself, right Now,
to let go of all pre-determined judgements, concepts and mindfucks.


Well, because in this enormous, mind-blowing, geniously created Universe
(regarding only the four-dimensional physical level, so-called „material“)
exist at least (astronomically discovered) 52,000,000,000 Galaxies,
wherein our Home - the „Milky Way“ or „Hunab Ku“ - Galaxy
 consists of more than 110,000,000,000 Star Systems,
wherein Alkyone 7, or Ra, our beloved Sun,
(only 5,000,000,000 years young)

has developed an „intelligent“ species on her 3rd Planet,
which has grown to approximately 6,680,000,000 Individuals -
and You are One of them - proud Owner of a Human Body.

That means, if estimated only 1 intelligent species like ours per star system,
there could be 38,209,599,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999
individual beings Just Like You - in this Universe.

There is Worlds within Worlds within Worlds...
There is more intelligent Beings than those living in a Human Body.
Do you think you do fully understand this World, this Universe?
Or anyone here really does? Politicians, leaders, scientists?

Do you think you know the truth about reality,
and about what the *** is going on here ?!
Or that anyone could truly tell you?
Can you claim that you found „The Truth“,
that you know what is Real and what is Illusion,
what is fact and what is fantasy, possible / impossible
and – most important – what makes the difference ?

So please, just for a moment, stop thinking.


Okay, ... so ... try again.

The mind-machine is running?
Who's in control of thought?
There is one Question to solve all mysteries...

*                           Who am I ?                           *
*                                                                      *
Your mind is constantly repeating your reality
and experiences, unconsciously on many levels.
Your reality-tunnel creates experiences according
to your belief-system and Karma, all the Time.
But there's always Time to return into charge,
to re-claim Your Heritage, and to learn
something of real, lasting value.
Like the MasterKeySystem.

here is

it is
true on
some levels
of experience
and consciousness.

It can be true for you.

There is only one way to find your truth,
some lightening glimpses of Eternal Truth,
and some true episodes in the Evolution
of Humans, Earth, Ra & Hunab Ku.

Simply relax from what you believe to know,

Open your mind,

Open your heart,

experience & feel.

Enter the Dreamfield and

Open The Memory

Have a joyful Journey !

The Flower of Life
Preface © Martin, 4.4. 2008