We all know ~ or feel ~ that Earth is going towards Point Zero.
This is the end of the great cycle.
We live in the last years of preparation for the final jump,
the dimensional shift of our solar system,
including every soul that is ready for it.

This is the reason why Earth has now various visitors
from all regions, star systems and frequencies of this universe,
of beings from all over taking part in this Great event of Re-Union.
Never before in Time in our Galaxy there were places like this one,
where all dimensions can meet, where all limitations can be
transcended through the free will of individuals.

We   r e - o p e n   the   m e m o r y .
It is our purpose as planetary guardians,
to carry the light through the Gate.
It is our challenge, to bring all the gathered wisdom
and knowledge of the last cycle into harmonic resonance,
to raise our energy and frequency of consciousness to that point,
where we will pass the Gate together.

Here is our present for the Divine Heart of our galaxy:
Seeds of life, being evolved during the last cycles in the Living Library of Earth,
essential for spiritual growth and evolution of many species from various star systems.

The Living Library of Earth is One
of twelve information centers in this Universe,
designed to accelerate the Awakening of the Gods or "Game Masters",
and to discover new ways of creation of life, and worlds within worlds. And here we are.
We're arriving at Point Zero ~ where time dissolves ~ where all past and future meet ~
because we enter collectively the fifth dimension.

And higher. Some decided to use this unique chance of a solar shift
to jump even "higher" through the Octaves of frequency planes
- those "Harmonics and Disharmonics" called Dimensions -
to continue the exiting, infinite experience of life.