Loving Intelligence Foundation Earth

The Flower of Life is revealing the Truth
Great beings have come from the future, to bring back
and store information here, which has been lost in the past
and led to a way of separation and destruction,
creating heavy imbalances in the evolution
of this world ~ this free will zone Earth.

This Universe was created into Nothingness with eight primordial laws,
and it is not stable yet, due to its relatively young existence - it could still collapse.
To stabilize and grow further on, balance is absolutely essential. And all you, that you
read these words: we came here together to find a way back to Harmony.
This is the Prime Purpose and the meaning of Re-Union,
the reason of all actions guided by the Heart.
No one ever said it would be easy.

Nobody wants you to believe this or confirm it,
to follow any instruction or ideals of imaginary worlds.
But this is part of the deepest truth we found on our sacred journey,
which is not a journey of a few years or thousand years, but a journey of Eons,
of Civilisations, Planets and Suns rising, striving, flowering and disappearing again,
leaving only memory.

This is the amazing journey of life,
of self-discovery, of sacred love,
of remembrance and pure creation.

This is the Dream. Welcome, Family.