Loving Intelligence Foundation Earth

Welcome, Family.

Spirit is calling us.
Altogether, in many different ways, from a whispering voice in every heart
up to planetary events affecting all life forms, on all levels of density.
Nobody will miss this one. This is the Time of Awakening.

Regarding the Blueprint which the Source has prepared for us,
you can be sure that you are in for great times,
even more stunning, fascinating and magical events.

It may sometimes seem unbelievable - when we look
at all the suffering in the world, the crazyness, the "lost" and wild.
But this is only the crashing of old structures and the overcrowded astral realms,
 and personal / ancestral / planetary Karma being carried out, Destiny fulfilled.
This is the collision of the old overstructured, limited creation of human Egos
with Divine Love and Awareness ~ by the Return of full Divine Presence.

The Book of Life and Death is now revealed to everyone.

The Book of Secrets, hidden for thousands of years behind seven seals,
is now being opened and activated for its purpose.

This mystical book, being searched for everywhere throughout history,
this book with all the Keys of Existence ~ it is the Human Body.
It has been with you all the time. It was always there.

But only those who are ready can read it,
and this readyness is what we all are prepared for in these fluctuating times.