Loving Intelligence Foundation Earth


We offer you tools for preparation, cosmic hooks for accelerated growth,
lovely opportunities for a soft Awakening by the Kiss of Truth,
instead of the hard way of dense reactions - in this inflaming hotspot of transformation.

Nothing here is absolutely true, for truth can never be explained with words.
Experience it.

Follow your own intuition,
decide with the sword of wisdom and the scales (Libra)
of your heart, what is true and right for you ~ your way of liberation ~
if you know that you want to be free, if you really want to experience the amazing,
 vast field of creation - and your power within here.

It is essential to know in every cell that everything in this universe
is created and limited by mind - and that everything can be changed by mind
~ if connected to the source, motivated by the power of the heart, the creative life force
within everything.

Understanding this, you can see that the problems you are facing on the planet now
- all the chaos and destruction, the disorder and the suffering -
are simply a state of mind, are collective results
of human consciousness and thinking.

They can be altered and transformed completely and in no-time
when a relatively small group of Humans have reached a certain state of harmonious
consciousness, connected their energies & focussed their mind towards one vision.

Reaching a critical amount of energy, a highly harmonious impulse
has a crystallizing effect on the whole field, on the whole planet,
with instant effect on all bodies & all levels.