Loving Intelligence Foundation Earth

It is similar to a snowflake entering a bowl of water,
 that has never chrystallized before, or that has lost the ability
- the information - to organize itself below the usual freezing point.
In the moment of contact, the snowflake transmits the information to all the water, and suddenly, the water freezes.
You can try that out.

It happens because everything ~ all matter ~ basically
tends to reach higher states of complexity, tends to evolve,
 if the possibility is given and the
necessary energy is supplied.

You could call it the tendency of Intelligence to reduce stress, to organize itself more efficient, more harmonious, more in alignment with the pure divine melody, which is within everything.
Intelligence is everywhere.

It is part of the great game, that a loss of memory occured within
spirit by entering the form, so that spirit identified with matter.
The next part of the game is the Divination of the Form:

Opus Magnum

Evolution from "Past" to "Future" means towards Complexity, Purity
and Immortality - which is the ability to continue, the resonant point where
the "Maya" matter becomes "Real", enlightened and stable, not seeking
 and changing anymore, but in perfect harmony,
as part of the Eternal Truth.

There is only one Quest of Being in the dense worlds:
the Extension of Information and Awareness in Form, increasing quantities of information in smaller mass particles, the wish to expand: Evolution.

Complexity at its final angle leaves this Universe.
Then form is no more necessary,
Evolution is completed.

This is where we are going to. This is the Awakening.
Once the whole has realized anything, it instantly happens.

Dear Friends,
Dreamers within this Dream,
Students & Masters of Light !

You all are invited to be part of it. Now.
Take the chance. Dream the Real.


~   Amenti Rama  ~