Earth Continents Now
T    Mission Statement:    T

We created this portal in order to ...

* help all beings evolving and navigating through the more or less perilous times ahead,
* give orientation over the current transformation of the planetary fields during the Great Shift,
* present keys and essential knowledge for personal transformation, enlightenment and ascension,
* focus humanities' energies towards an enlightened future in the evolution of humankind,
* help healing and liberating our beautiful Planet : Alkyone 7 - Blue Star Earth.

Earth - Cosmic Library

We use various sources: ancient knowledge and revealed wisdom, personal insights, astronomical / astrological information, planetary messages from other Civilisations / Ascended Masters / Archangels ..., scientific and archaeological discoveries, as well as revealed information in books worldwide and
the Internet.

This site is continuously growing and evolving, so we are thankful for your support in any of the following: _

I. Essential Information that you find, which feels important to be shared with the online community
II. Translations (German, French, Spanish, ... ) that make the Portal available to more beings on Earth
III. Web-Experts out there! Would you like to improve the optical / acoustical design of the Portal ?
IIII. Energy donations in all forms, but preferrably in the form of ( flexibel ) currencies,
        to support the portal & activities (like local organisation of global events, printing information etc.)

We are raising our efforts to translate this pages, though we are a in ll engaged in an active life. If You like OM,
and if You can imagine to dedicate some part of your time towards our common goal, we welcome You in our Team, and will be gratefully rewarding You.
That's it. Mission Statement 1.

In full service to the Divine Light within everything,
we are happy to offer you this spark of Light in foggy times...

Vio d'Oro, Dana, Xenia, Paul, Canjun, Lars and Francisca.

All information on this website can and shall be copied and distributed in any media,
as long as you do not charge for it, do not alter its content, include the source adress & this copyright notice.
Whenever no author is named, the origin of the material is the creators of this website (as above).
Of course, essentially there's only One source - divine Inspiration.

Last Update on :  ~ Yellow Planetary Warrior (Longcount) / Yellow Rhytmic Seed (Dreamspell) ~ Tuesday  27 - 01 - 2009