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~ Special Crystal Formations ~ strong Healing Tools ~ rare Specimen ~

Aqua Aura, Bi-Terminator Laser, Fadenquarz, Tabular Crystals, Himalayan "Ice" Crystals, Strawberry Quarz with Pyrite Clusters, Chlorite Quarz with Turmaline...+more

Cathedral/Library Quarz, Lemurian Crystals, Laser Wands, Azurite-Malachite + more

pyritised Ammonite, Top-Quality Lapislazuli, special Pyrite Formation

 rare Lapislazuli-Crystal  perfect Obsidian Mirror


Cathedral / Library Quarz

Pyrite (perfect) SunDisk, Tibetan Quarz Carvings, Himalayan Crystals in Silver + more...

Herkimer Diamonds, Pietersite, Opal, Azurite-Chrysocoll, Himalayan Tabular Quarz, Chlorite Quarz, Rutilated Quarz, petrified Wood, Obsidian + more

all the rainbow Minerals

...top Quality...

This page is under construction. Many more pictures are to come, also Crystals which are still available will be offered.

But whatever catched your eye or if you are looking for a specific (rare) Stone or Crystal, feel free to ask. We might have it ;)

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