Awaken to Reality

“It was 20 years ago today that the band began to play.”
(The Beatles)

"Five years - That's all we got."
(David Bowie)

While it was the White Galactic Wizard that ushered in the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, it is the White Lunar Wizard who oversees the 20th anniversary (2007) of this watershed event that opened the gates to the final cycle of the Time of Prophecy.

The day after the White Lunar Wizard
Year began (July 26, 2007 ... July 24, 2008)
the Blue Electric Eagle showed up. It was the Blue Electric Eagle who greeted the dawn of the Harmonic Convergence
on August 16, 1987, and enlightened the 144,000 sun dancers with their missions for 2012.

Will you be one of them?  Will you receive the transformative extension of the blue galactic spectrum in your heart?
Will you awaken ever more deeply to reality and seize the day with the perfected vision of the New Time?

No one then could have imagined the cycle of transformation that was to set in after that cosmic moment 20 years ago - the galactic beam bath. What happened? The end of the Cold War and the “Desert Storm” on Iraq, the advent of the Internet, the evolution of the cybersphere and the usurpation of the human mind by virtual reality, the absolute triumph of money, 9/11 and the “war on terror,” global warming and the Bush dynasty’s “New World Order”—not the world anyone really wanted to see.
Now, 2008, only five years left to go. How will the Great Cycle end?

Don’t you see, it really is up to you to wake up to reality?
It is all a house of cards. The power of the imagination is entered by awakening
from the Dreamspell of History and entering the reality of the Galactic Dreamspell.
Liberate your intelligence. Take back reality!  TAKE BACK REALITY!!!

Let’s spend a couple of days off the Internet, and our cell phones and seriously practice telepathy. Let us make telepathic rings around the Earth uniting all hearts with strands of telepathic love. Let us really put our hearts into it. Let us see how many clear messages we can send and receive. It is our God-given right to do this. It is the choice we need to exercise.
Homo noosphericus is not made out of optic fibers or nano-chip technology.
The system will soon be overloaded and collapse of its own weight.
Virtual reality is a dinosaur of the 12:60 imagination.

Let's organize telepathic picnics and sit in circles of silence at the dawn—and sit there all day long.
Let song burst spontaneously from your heart. Place a rainbow round the Earth. 

Take Back Reality!
Create the Mind from the nothing that it is!
Experience God-consciousness unfiltered!
Wherever you may be, be there not afraid!